You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and that cannot be any truer when it comes to the property selling/leasing process. More and more buyers are turning to the internet as their primary source of property hunting, and that is where your property should stand out. According to a recent study by, homes photographed by a professional garner 61% more online views and sell up to $19,000 than those shot by amateurs. Let us bring these advantages to your listings! We will let the numbers talk on this one:
Real Estate Video 53x More likely to be on the first page of Google search. Video can earn a +41% Increase in click-through rate on search results 75% Increase in closing client leads

That is the type of boost video can give your property. I shoot property tour videos for any size and style property, fully furnished or vacant. Covering Orange County, Los Angels County, Riverside County, and surrounding.



Buildings | Location's | Private Events | Outdoor Activities

-Over 25+ UHD [48 MegaPixel] .Jpeg and .DNG] images of desired subject/location from varying aerial perspectives shot in either standard or LOG profile. [for post color correction].

==Additions & Upgrades==

(+$20 > Post Production Color Correction & Refinement for ALL photos )

(+$3 > 180° Wide Angle Panorama

(+$6 > 360° Aerial Panoramic Sphere

 (+ $0.55 Per Mile Travel Fee) To cover travel expenses [calculated using Google Maps]


$75  (Comes out to $3 a Photograph)


-1920x1080p Resolution video

(All Clips acquired during shoot are included at no additional cost, ranging between 10-50 depending on the subject)

==Additions & Upgrades== 

(+$5 > Slow Motion Footage) at 120/240FPS available upon request.

(+$12> 8K Time Lapse Video Clip)
(+$15 > 2.7K Resolution) 

(+$30 > 4K Resolution)


1) Flight Locations are subject to FAA airspace Laws & Regulations for takeoff availability.

2) Maximum Flight time is 23 - 25 minutes per battery. [4x Battery's] for one session.


Images Only (No Video)

- Includes 25 (12MP) 4K | HDR Images of Interior & Exterior of Home shot with the Flagship of Real estate Cameras: [The SONY A7S-III] Which is the top performer in Low-Light Conditions.
(Does Not include color correction and shot in standard profile)
-(Does NOT include Video.) 

$175   (+ $0.55 Per Mile Travel Fee)

==Additions & Upgrades== 
+$50 > Post Production Color Correction & Photoshop Refinement for ALL photos shot in RAW | sLOG3
+$10   > Royalty-Free Background Music (For a Slideshow)


Edited Video For Posting Online

- Includes all rooms from different angles of Interior & Exterior of Home in HD resolution

(Does Not include post production or Aerial Drone Shots)

$200   (+ $0.55 Per Mile Travel Fee)

==Additions & Upgrades== 
+$50 > Post Production & Color Correction & Refinement for ALL video's 


- (3840 x2160) 4K Video of Interior & Exterior of home shot in standard profile. 

-(Includes Post Production Essentials: [Color correction & Overlays] 
-(Also Includes x25 4K Photographs) 

 Basic Post Production Video Edit with Intro/Outro, Color Correction & Overlays.

(+$15  > Royalty-Free Background Music)


- (4096 x 2160) 4KHD Video of Interior & Exterior of home shot in sLOG3 profile,(on a SONY a7S-III) Including a full High End Post Production Video Edit, [PRO Creative Edit], Copyright-Free Music, 40 Still images in 4K, and optional audio.


- (1920 x1080)  HD Video of Interior & Exterior of home shot in standard profile.

- 15 HD Photo's 


*(Does Not include any Post Production: [Color correction, Video Editing, Overlays]



*(+ $0.55 Per Mile Travel Fee outside of area code 90813)

 *Flight Locations are subject to FAA airspace Laws & Regulations for takeoff availability for aerial drone shots in certain areas.

*Usage Rights of Photo's & Video's for purposes other than Listing the Home require FULL RIGHTS Licensing Fee ($250)

*$100 if Canceling the shoot within 2 Hours of appointment time.

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I will design a Logo for your business, YouTube Channel or Twitch Streaming Channel etc.

-I design and create visual elements in the digital creative workspace with programs such as:  Adobe Photoshop | After Effects | Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Blender, Corel Draw X5, Microsoft Word etc.) I can create nearly anything you need such as posters: web graphics, banners, buttons, Advertisements, social media posts etc. For further information, please inquire.

I have invested over $10K in High end equipment (Camera's, Gimbals, Sliders, Lighting, Software, etc) and have the skills you need to show off your beautiful home in a professional manner that will get results when posting it for sale online.

Inquire today for a free consultation.